Pricing and Packages

Packaged Series and Gift Cards Available

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30 mins for $45
60 mins for $90
90 mins for $125
120 mins for $160

Stable 3 – 15% off 3 sessions

$229.50 for (3) 1-hr sessions

Purchase a pre paid series of (3) 1 hour sessions and receive 15% off. It is recommended that all appointments be pre scheduled at the end of each previous session to maintain a regular routine. All series are valid for (6) months from time of purchase.

Functional 5 – 20% off (5) sessions

$360 for (5) 1-hr sessions

Purchase a pre paid series of (5) 1 hour sessions and receive 20% off. It is recommended that all appointments be pre scheduled at the end of each previous session to maintain a regular routine. All series are valid for (6) months from time of purchase.

Full payment for a series is required upon scheduling.

Please contact us for further details.


11 thoughts on “Pricing and Packages”

Susan Wunderlich

Jarrel is clearly a skilled , informed individual that invests his heart and soul into his work. I thought I knew a little something about the body and realized I had encountered a real professional that cared about health and the well- being of people. Age and use had stiffened me and now I feel less dense, and lighter. My pain is easing and I am grateful.

V Acosta

Several months ago I had severe neck pain and was lucky to get an appointment with Jarrel. After getting a massage, I felt significantly better. I’m now pain free and look forward to my monthly massage. Jarrel is a true professional. He cares about his clients and helps them to improve their overall health and wellness. I highly recommend Jarrel and feel very fortunate to have benefited from his care.


I’ve been going to Jarrel for a few months now. He is a very knowledgeable and skillful therapist. I can tell him where my troubles are and not only will he focus on them, he gives me great advice on how to maintain good health. Cant wait til my next session!

Laura Van Camp

I had my first appointment with Jarrel last night and immediately booked my next. It is very clear that this is not just a “job” that he is good at and enjoys… Jarrel is a true therapist – very skilled and knowledgeable, with an intense appreciation for how all muscles are connected and work together. He even took the time to show me a few stretches that would help me between visits. I highly recommend a session with him – but selfishly do not want to create a situation where he’s booked a month out. 😉

Cathryn Kloetzli

I came in to see Jarrel wrestling with some medical issues that I have been struggling with for the last few years. I was seeking a place to unwind and to give my body a chance to heal and strengthen. His strong and calming presence and nurturing and knowledgeable skill has helped me – even just after one visit! I highly recommend him and look forward to having his care be a part of my life.


I second the above comments. I have been seeking health care for various compounding (and undiagnosed) medical issues for 8 months now and it is very refreshing to meet a health care professional who is invested in his work and seeks to help the individual find pain and stress relief beyond just the duration of the scheduled visit.

Mary Burruss

Massage is such an important health practice to rid toxins and stress from the body. Recently, I experienced an excellent deep tissue massage from Jarrel which left me feeling blissfully easeful in body and mind. Jarrel really knows his stuff and asked important questions to customize my massage for my specific needs. I am looking forward to my next massage from Jarrel in the near future.

Carrie Bandman

I’ve been receiving massage treatments from Jarrel for several months and he is one of the most gifted massage therapists I’ve ever had. Jarrel helped me with specific sports injuries, posture, chronic pain and flexibility issues. He listens and customizes sessions as needed so that I receive the maximum benefit from each session!


Excellent and professional service. Great deep tissue massage with attention to knots and blocks.

Highly recommend for active people

Valerie Hite

I have always had neck and back problems but they got worse after years of sitting at a desk all day. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a massage therapist that made a difference. One night I was standing in the waiting area and one of Jarrel’s clients came out and said “Wow…that was the best massage I have ever received and that guy seriously just changed my life.” I immediately said sign me up!! Well, I feel the same way now and I am blessed to be able to have a massage every week by Jarrel for the last two years! He not only gives the best deep tissue massage but also tries to find out what is causing the root of the problem which is important to me. He can always tell when I have areas of my body that need more work (without me even telling him) and gives suggestions on various stretches or exercises that may help. He is truly a professional and can make anyone feel at ease with his contagious laugh and easygoing personality! I would highly recommend Jarrel if you are looking for someone that will change your life for the better! I look forward to my massage every week and it is money well spent for my mental and physical health. Thanks Jarrel…you’re awesome! : )

Dr. Paul Henning

One of the best massages I ever experienced! Jarrel really knows his stuff and what is needed to get the human body on track.

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